Can I get car finance with bad credit?

We believe that buying a car should be easy for everyone and that bad or poor credit shouldn’t stand between you and your vehicle.

At Car Loan 4U we work with a wide range of lenders who offer many different types of loan and car finance, putting us in a great position to help you find car finance. We’re committed to ensuring you only borrow what you can reasonably afford to repay, so we'll only offer to arrange finance for you if we believe you can afford it.

Who we can help

There are many causes of “bad credit” so we always look at your individual circumstances when you apply for car finance.

Tips for applying with bad credit

There are a few steps you can take which will improve your chance of being accepted for car finance if you have bad credit, and also help you to get a better deal on your loan.

How applying for a car loan affects your credit rating

When you first apply with us we do a “soft search” on your credit history, which is not visible to other lenders. If it’s obvious that we won’t be able to help you with car finance at this point in time we will not conduct any hard searches and your credit profile won’t be affected at all. If we believe that you might be accepted by one of our lenders we will do hard searches at some point during the process (on average we do 2 for each customer) so that we can find a car loan for your particular personal circumstances.