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The Future of the Electric Vehicle


It has been over a century since the first mass-produced cars hit the road.

Since then cars have changed from gas-guzzlers to energy-efficient automobiles.

In recent years, a combination of declining petroleum reserves, global recession, and concerns over emissions legislation has led to a rise in hybrid and electric motors.

Which electric car should you choose?

The most important factor when considering which electric car to choose is the distance it can travel on a single charge, shown here in grey. The greater this distance is the less time overall you will have to spend recharging.

What’s next for electric?

New super-fast chargers.

More charge, less time.

And free energy thanks to solar and wind power.

Stanford University have designed an electric highway that could wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive.

This future will only happen if we embrace electric.

Current adoption rates suggest that by the year 2030 only 7.1% of the driving population will own an electric car.

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