Chancellor George Osborne Set on UK Road Investment

Amidst the latest round of Government spending cuts the Chancellor of the Exchequer has included plans to invest in the UK’s transport network.

Chancellor George Osborne said that the Department for Transport (DfT) will still have to reduce its overall spend by around 9% in order to help recovery, but by 2015-2016 it will actually have its capital budget increased to £9.5 billion.

Mr Osborne stated that that he has ring-fenced the funds and promised that the money will ensure the greatest investment in the UK road network for 50 years – and equally in the railway network since the days of the Victorian era.

Mr Osborne revealed that Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury will shortly share plans to spend £100 billion on the UK’s infrastructure, with projects including things like a new £600 million, six-lane motorway bridge over the river Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes.

Stephen Joseph, the chief executive of Campaign for Better Transport, was less than impressed as he is worried that major roads in across the country will be plough through the British countryside at the expense of local requirements.

He said: “Massive spending on new roads might have been in vogue 50 years ago, but what the country needs now is better management of our increasingly potholed network and to provide real choices about how to get around,

“The cuts in revenue spending will condemn us to poorly maintained roads, more expensive train fares and cuts in bus services.”

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